Legal support for traders

Foreign economic activity of business entities of the Russian Federation is associated with considerable risks associated with the financial side of things, as well as the actual implementation of the delivery. Legal support for traders in all phases of a guarantee of timely delivery of the goods and compliance with all conditions specified by the contract.

Company "Northern Dragon" has highly skilled professionals able to quickly and effectively to assist participants in foreign economic activities in all arise in the process of organizing the delivery of international shipping issues. We offer legal support includes support for all phases of the transfer of cargo from the preparation of the conclusion of foreign trade contracts, financial matters for the payment of intermediaries, the preparation of all necessary supporting documents, the implementation of customs clearance, the organization of cargo transportation using all modes of transport.

    Besides the above listed services, legal support of traders, carried out by "Northern Dragon" includes:
  • Rapid solution of legal issues arising in the field of customs regulation;
  • Legal analysis concluded transaction documentation for their proper completion and legality;
  • Representing clients before the customs authorities of the Customs Union;
  • Defending the customs authorities of the declared customs value of imported goods on;
  • Addressing emerging contentious issues, including the court.

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