Certification of imported goods

All imported products must be certified under the certification basis of the norms of the Russian Federation.

Importer As a company we will make out the necessary serificates and other permits for imported goods.

Consumer, as a rule, are more likely to buy a certified product. Certification helps to promote the product on the market, since it characterizes the product as a quality and safe to use.

Like many legal proceedings in Russia, the certification of production - labor-intensive process. But thanks to the accumulated experience, we decide this issue as soon as possible.

Dates of certification and registration of the other permits depend on the specific product, the nature of examination and laboratory tests. With regard to the conformity of products in the GOST R system, then there are about a dozen different certification schemes. Competent specialists of the LLC Northern Dragon will advise you on choosing the most suitable certification scheme in order to optimize time and cost.

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